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Psychic Readings

Don’t allow your creative mind to sabotage your right to happiness with over-thinking, disparaging self-talk or resentment, get your in-depth, accurate and insightful psychic Tarot reading today, and whenever you’re feeling down, and watch your light shine through the darkness.

Grounding Tools

Life can be a bit, or an epic, roller coaster ride, what starts out as an exciting adventure sometimes tests you to the precipice of self-destruction. It’s difficult enough to pull yourself through challenging times but when your children and other loved ones and colleagues have to deal with your depressive or erratic moods it’s time to face the music and take serious action.

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Spoil yourself with one of our very special offers on Psychic Readings or any of our unique services or products listed on this page.


Available all year round for your “someone special” who is looking to take that next step up in their lives. Presented in a stunningly beautiful bank card format that you’ll be proud to gift to anyone you care about.


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Q 1. Do you believe the  Soul-Sync Challenge has brought value to your life?

A: Yes it did help quiet a lot actually so, so much. I feel like my emotions are now under my control. I don’t let them control me anymore. -G

Met Cathy on Twitter. Accurate reading for 2022 year ahead tarotscope even though I was sceptical since it was my first reading. Now I'm excited about my 2023 year ahead tarotscope. -LK

I love how Cathy is warm and welcoming. She is really soft spoken and gets her word and messages across I've experienced a lot of things that align with every message shared by her. ❤️May you continue to help people - LM

Soul-Sync Challenge

Who doesn’t want to fix something in their lives?

This dedicated 14-day exercise is a total booster to give you a hand up to that next level you want to reach in life.

Whether you’re;

  • preparing to get that promotion,

  • need to elevate your focus for important exams,

  • wanting to raise your vibrations for a happier life experience,

  • speed up your manifesting abilities,

  • develop the courage to ask for a raise,

  • get organised to start your own business,

  • gain the confidence to start a new, meaningful relationship,

or any other ambition you may have - this is the place to start.

Learn to read the Tarot like a Psychic

Cathy has created a unique method of learning the Tarot in only 12 x 1-hour sessions. Group classes begin on Monday, 6th February 2023, or opt for private lessons.

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Personal Challenges

Changing gears to settle into a new life experience?

As a gifted Life Coach, Cathy offers insightful guidance, compassionate encouragement and authentic support, that will highlight your personal capabilities, backed with insight on how best to navigate towards your heart’s desire.

Genuine self-belief and active confidence is what she aims to inspire.

Because you’re worth it!

Discover Your Spiritual / Psychic Gifts

We all have them but not all of us acknowledge them, yet it’s like saying I don’t believe I have a heart because I can’t see it. 

See if any of these phenomena resonate with your own experiences.

Side-hustle & Start-up Inspiration

A simple idea can lead to a more fulfilling lifestyle, even when you have a full-blown career.

Everybody can be an entrepreneur; you just have to find out what excites you the most.


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Knowledge is Power!

Secrets that have stood the test of time await

your discovery now, in the 21st Century.  

Open your mind and allow them to empower you!


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one could become the inspiration for a better future for you and your loved ones.

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