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This website, its sister site and social media pages are run by Psychic Glympse, a privately owned enterprise resident at: 21 Athlone Drive, Stilfontein, NorthWest Province, South Africa 2551. Email: Cell: +27 (0)61 676 9383

In order to use this website, services offered hereon and its social media pages you need to qualify, agree to and abide by these terms of use. No persons under the age of 18 years are permitted to use the services on this website. The business is run in accordance with South African and International laws in as far as they relate to the services offered and online presence. Any legal issues arising from your use of this website will be dealt with in accordance with South African laws (and/or applicable International laws). The user will be fully responsible for their own legal costs and in the event that judgement is issued in favour of Psychic Glympse, its owners, staff or service providers, the complainant will be held responsible for their legal costs as well.

Graphics on this website have either been AI-generated using Dall-E2 (buttons), downloaded from the Internet at:; https://Pexels or or belong to the owner. According to the sources; there is no copyright on graphics displayed on this website. All written content is original and written by the owner except where otherwise noted.

Affiliate Recommendations:

Psychic Glympse recommends certain products and services to our clients, believed to be for their personal development and benefit. Some of these entities may pay a small affiliate fee which we put towards running free services in the Oracle Room on Twitter Spaces. Clicking through on any recommended links is done at the user’s own risk. We cannot be held responsible for results beyond the link clicked on.


  1. ALL services and products on this website are only available for persons over the age of 18 years.

  2. On application for a service please provide ALL the information requested on the CONTACT form.

  3. The client/user is responsible for all call charges in their communications with the service provider/s.

  1. Disclaimer

1.1 Products and Services (readings, challenges, courses, workshops and ‘unique gifts’) offered and/or provided by Psychic Glympse are done so with your (the client’s) best interests at heart, to promote, motivate and inspire greater understanding and a quality of life most suited to yourself, the client. Psychic Glympse, its owner/s, staff, contractors and service providers offer psychic readings using psychic gifts disclosed on the ‘About’ page of the website: as well as Life and Small Business Coaching. According to research done, this service combination is unique and falls under the South African Entertainment Act Laws.

1.2 The readings, courses, challenges, workshops and/or future events offered by Psychic Glympse on this website or any of its related social media channels DO NOT guarantee any specific results. Even though some of the services offered are of a psychic nature, you, “the user” are responsible for taking the recommended actions to ensure you get the results you envision. There are numerous channels of communication open between you and your Psychic Coach if you need further guidance, and you are encouraged to use your own initiative and/or seek professional counsel when making decisions and taking actions to do with the successful implementation of strategies regarding your life, business or well-being. Neither Psychic Glympse, any of its staff nor independent service providers can be held responsible for actions you take, derived from advice or information received during a consultation via this website or any of its social media pages, its sister site or any of the communication channels, tools or Apps used to convey messages, readings or guidance through.

1.3 Psychic readings are conducted through the reader’s ESP (extra-sensory perceptions), a reader may ask for certain information, such as Date of Birth in order to perform the requested service/s. The information gather through this website will not be shared, sold or distributed to any third party, unless so instructed via subpoena issued by a court of law. All information relayed between reader and client is treated with the strictest confidence and respect.

1.4 Accuracy of readings depends on information received, for example; a Soul Print report is calculated using the client’s date of birth, if an incorrect date is received, the report will be inaccurate for the bearer of the birth date. Likewise with any genuine and truthful psychic reading, the reader can only divulge what is perceived through their psychic senses in conjunction with the Tarot cards, if incorrect or partial information is received you, the client, may receive an inaccurate reading or guidance.

1.5 Any service or product offered on this website and its related sister site, social media pages/groups etc. do not in any way constitute medical/ psychological, legal, financial or any other professional advice or guidance. You, the client, are assumed to be of sound mind and able to use your personal faculties of instinct, intuition and discernment when making life-changing decisions. Advice and recommendations offered here are done with your best interests at heart. And it is recommended that you consult with your medical, legal, financial or other professional practitioner where necessary, before making changes as may be recommended by a reader.

2. Payment

2.1 No service will be provided unless your booking has been confirmed and payment, as arranged, has been received into our bank account via our bank, eCommerce financial service provider or PayPal using email:

2.2 No money laundering will be tolerated, which may or may not be attempted in the form of charge-backs, any suspicious activity will be reported to relevant authorities immediately requesting that funds be frozen pending investigation.

3. Refund Policy

We work on a no-refund policy which lapses 24 hours after your first reading, workshop, first session of a challenge or course series or if a reading is cut short and a refund is requested verbally and in writing from the reader or event host. Meaning that; you need to claim your money back if you cannot understand material presented or there is a huge discrepancy between what you anticipated and what is presented during that first session. In such event you may have registered for the wrong course and monies can be transferred to your name when the next, relevant course commences. In the event that this is not the case and there is no alternative to meet your needs a formal, written application may be submitted within 24 hours after your first workshop/event, by email to: for evaluation and processing. A 17.5% administration fee will be retained on all refunds. Refunds may take up to 90 days to process. In the event that we cannot or choose not to complete a service with yourself for any reason whatsoever, the same terms will apply unless otherwise agreed in writing via email.

4. Privacy Policy

We value our clients and their privacy is of utmost importance to us, your information will never be sold by us, information collected is used solely for performance optimization of this website and related social media platforms, and to perform the services you request, you are at liberty to refuse such information, which may affect your ability to participate in some or all of our service offerings.

5. Cookies:

This website uses cookies for website optimization purposes, you are at liberty to refuse cookies by disabling them on your computer or mobile device.

We use cookies to improve your experience and to help us understand how you use our site. Please refer to our cookie notice and privacy policy for more information regarding cookies and other third-party tracking that may be enabled.

No Persons under the age of 18 years. Should you continue to use our site your parents or guardians will be liable for your actions on it. Please read the Disclaimer on the Terms and Conditions page.

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