A moment in time when you’re feeling directionless and everything suddenly seems pointless…

You’ve tried and tried and now you’re simply tired!

Questions of purpose hang heavily on your mind.

Are you on the right path, is there something more to life than constantly being dutiful yet unfulfilled?

The Life-Enrichment Challenge.

When you’re facing a crossroad and everything becomes overwhelming a reassessment can do wonders to reclaim your joie de vivre! That’s what the Life-Enrichment Challenge is about.

Changing direction is an option open to most of us but it’s one we should be cautious of making in a hurry. This five, ten or twenty session mini challenge will empower you to prepare for a move, or to find the peace of mind to persist in your current direction.

Release the Pressure

There’s a point when running away from it all no longer works. There’s more, much more to your life than staying in a virtual cage, and the Life Enrichment Challenge will help you untie the knots, so that you can think straight again and start planning the next episode of your life.

Calm the Chaos

When you’re the solution to everybody’s problems but you can’t find one for your own, it’s time to admit that you’re not taking care of No. 1.

The Life Enrichment Challenge is designed to support you in taking the necessary actions to put yourself first for a change!

Getting Back to Basics

Most of your life is spent in a state of suspense, isn’t that what we’re taught from our earliest memories - behave like this, not like that…

Of course, you want to fit in, but what’s the sacrifice you’re having to make, and how can you adjust your thinking to claim contentment in all areas of your life?

Sometimes we adopt a façade that’s so out of character compared to who we really are. Because of our professional positioning, our social involvements, or to impress the in-laws…

Reconnecting with yourself at a soul-level will revive your authentic-self, allowing you to grow again from there.

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