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The Ultimate Podcasting, Video & Content Creating App for novices, like me, and seasoned professionals.

Speed up your video, editing and content creation processes and spend more time doing what you’ve been working towards.

I can’t even begin to explain everything Descript can do to save you time, money, and frustration, take a look for yourself and I’d love it if you’d share your thoughts.


Create and sell online courses from your own website

The best online course platform for creating, selling and promoting your own online courses, or if you’re with a company, this LMS covers everything from onboarding staff, to online training to educating customers on your product or services.

Start monetizing your skills and experiences with a dedicated and supportive team of professionals from the creation process, all the way through to student graduation.

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Patreon - Support My Vision

Psychic readings are not just for imaginative, or lost Souls!

There are many people who need a little guidance to navigate their way through the challenging events life on Earth presents us with. Especially in the areas of career, relationships, money and personal empowerment.

My dream is to help those who are able to help others, to embrace their personal power. I believe that by educating and motivating LightWorkers, they will in turn, be prepared and able to support and inspire people who need their guidance.

The LightWorker’s Business Academy is in the process of growing into such a facility, but it takes time and a whole lot of preparation to develop an Academy, that will be able to provide the required standard of support that will be needed by future guides.

Patron support will be highly valued, and help this dream to be manifested within the foreseeable future.

Secure Payment Facilities

Payments for readings, courses, workshops and any of our other events, can be done directly through our international services provider.

South African clients; please contact our office via any of the links below (WhatsApp is the most efficient way) to arrange local payments.

Be sure to read the Disclaimer, as well as the Terms and Conditions on this website before making payments into this account.

The Oracle Room - One Free Question

Our way of giving back to the community is by hosting The Oracle Room on Twitter Spaces once a week, usually on a Sunday.

Cathy has been committed to this project for almost two years. It started off as a daily adventure but as pressure grew to get the Academy going, she’s had to cut back on the amount of time dedicated to this pet-project.

Be sure to follow us and activate your little bell to get notified when we go online.


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