Psychic Tarot Readings

Life consists of so many options…

  • Will you find love in the near future?

  • Is there something you can do to spark up your current relationship?

  • Are you on the right career path?

  • Will your efforts be rewarded at work?

  • What are your chances at entrepreneurship?

  • Is this the right move for me?

Book an Elite psychic reading today and get clarity in any area of your life.

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“Cathy offers accurate, detailed and insightful readings. Straight to the point and the delivery is very gentle. Would 100% recommend you get a reading from her." RM

"Met Cathy on twitter spaces and did a 12months forecast reading. I must applaud her accuracy! I resonate with something each month especially on my career and love life. What an angel" NN

Psychic Reading Formats

Readings are done on WhatsApp, however if you use another App and have something against this service, you’re welcome to either email us or DM Anne on TikTok, Twitter or FB Messenger to arrange an alternative method, we are also linked to Telegram.

Phone: WhatsApp or normal phone call.

Email or Doc: A written reading (500 words at the Standard reading price and 1000 words at the Elite reading price).

Text (AKA: IM, Chat or SMS), we interact at an appointed time.

Voice Note: One or two quick questions.

 When it all gets too much, a little clarity can turn the tide!

Which Psychic Reading Is Right For Me?

Generally, there are two 1:1 reading choices;

  • Standard (30 min) - the ‘on-the-go’ reading for insight on a particular situation - most popular mid-month option.

  • Elite (60 min) In-depth - are you wanting serious insight and guidance into your life, your personal potential, a relationship and how you can actually make a difference, or are you contemplating relocation, a career change, starting a side-hustle or business of your own?

Questions like these cannot be answered effectively in 30 minutes so if you’re set on improving your quality of life, relationship, career or business success or any other area of your life then an Elite reading is definitely your best option.

You also have a written reading option which can be delivered via WhatsApp Doc or Email.

Other favourites include;

  • Your personal, Year Ahead, TarotScope (your month-by-month forecast to help you plan ahead)

  • Your personal Soul Print Report (to discover your potential, especially useful in matters of career choice, or relationship compatibility - to help you understand; a prospective partner or spouse, parent/child differences, employee strengths/weaknesses, business partnerships etc.)

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Meet Your Magnificence Through Your Soul Print,

SuperPower Report

Psychic Glympse is all about blooming.

Your life is not about expecting others to meet your needs, it’s up to you to take action and you’ve arrived at the best place to start your journey!

Take this opportunity to discover what you’re made of and how you can turn your weakest traits into a support mechanism to compliment your natural talents.

I’m Cathy, and I’ve created a place where you can explore who you are and how you can mould your life into what you expect it to be. Drop the disappointment you’ve experienced from depending on others and achieve the lifestyle you desire. Learn to hug the You who can really make your dreams come true.

Get your written SuperPower Report via email or WhatsApp Doc, where I’ll pinpoint exactly how you can level out your life to benefit from all the tools you’ve been gifted with to beat your life challenges.

Cathy is an Internationally Experienced Psychic, and Qualified Life and Business Coach.


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Cathy’s Psychic Abilities

We all have psychic abilities, the best known is our intuition.

I’m an Intuitive Empath, Claircognizant and Clairsentient, but what does all this mean?

Think about our five most common senses; sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch, now add to these a few that are less spoken about, but actually also in common use;

- Intuition, mostly referred to as ‘mother’s intuition’ when speaking about how a mother knows when her child is in need of her attention. The gut-feel, is the same thing, mostly used by men in the process of decision-making. A psychic intuitive has a sharpened intuition compared to most people.

How I use it in Psychic Readings:

A long time ago I started using the Tarot cards to connect to my intuition, I still use them, along with my other psychic gift and tools to read for my clients.

- Empath, we all know the feeling of empathy, it’s that kind of weak sensation that over-comes us when we watch others or animals suffer. It makes us want to take away their pain. Empathy is more of an instinct than a psychic sense.

An Empath is known as a healer in that they absorb negative energies from others. Their energy is calming so others often seek them out when going through troubled times. Unfortunately, when times are good people don’t like to have empaths around, because we can absorb more than just negative energy. At a party, for example, the Empath will either be the one over indulging to drown out the “emotional noise”, or the one sitting out on the stoep, away from it all.

Because of the depth of their understanding there are often also misinterpretations when it comes to other people’s relationships. Like a man might find it easy to confide in his wife’s Empathic friend if there’s trouble in the relationship, which can lead to every kind of suspicion. In defence of the Empath, I must say that he will most likely hear some truths he’s not be ready for.

Being able to feel what others feel might sound a bit creepy to those who haven’t acquainted themselves with their own empathic selves yet, however, if an Empath wishes you well, they really mean it. If they offer to help you with something, they do everything in their power to do it for your benefit, without ulterior motives. These sentiments are foreign to many people, so Empaths are often looked upon with suspicion.

Regardless if the company the empath keeps is in high spirits or low, the transmission of energy drains us, and grounding becomes essential to our well being.

There are many attributes given to empaths but we don’t possess all of them, just as not all athletes are sprinters. The recognizable traits that I’ve identified within my skillset are;

1. Feeling the pain and emotions of others as if they’re my own. I’ve learnt to mute this draining trait and have adopted a more objective perspective.

2. Parties and public places are difficult for me to digest spiritually, due to the variety of emotions flowing in from many other people.

3. I can easily appreciate another person’s point of view, or see both sides of a story.

4. Sensing when people are lying, I can also feel when they’re ‘stealing’ information from me, or trying to.

5. I’m a natural mentor and counsellor, along with my other psychic abilities, learnt skills and life experience I was born to be a psychic guide.

6. I can’t deal with cruelty, loudness and violence, not even in books or movies.

7. Although some people love to show off their scars after an accident or operation, I can’t bare to look at them because I can feel the pain that’s inflicted on them. Some people actually take offence to this.

8. I need space, I can’t work in close proximity to others because their vibes distract me from my work, when most people come close to me it feels like I’m pushing back on a North/North polarization.

9. I can’t tolerate unfair treatment of people, myself nor animals.

10. I can feel when my energy is being sucked off - mostly people are unaware that they’re doing this, but to me it feels like a metal cord is being pulled through my soul, I’d call it Spiritual abuse if it was recognised.

How I use it in Psychic Readings:

The reason I prefer to work online is because it’s easier for me to read for someone I’m only receiving limited energies from. The full vibrations of querents becomes a major distraction in face-to-face readings and this, coupled with facial expressions and nervous fidgets pulls on my need to ‘save’ clients, which threatens to compromise my reading interpretations.

The worst scenarios I’ve experienced with online readings is when I can hear/feel emotion in a seeker’s voice, or they have a  noisy background or put their phone on speaker mode.

Compassion is a significant human trait but as an Empath it can become engulfing when the accuracy of the art you practice is dependant on drawing energies from the spiritual realms to impart with an expectant client, of course the conduit (reader) is affected.

- Claircognizant, the gift of knowing stuff without knowing how you know it. This psychic ability established itself in me at a very young age when I was pushed a year ahead in school. I managed to cope and was never set back again, but I was only coping and never flourished. Needless to say, I had to catch up on a full year’s learning with zero extra lessons.

Once again, it works in different degrees with every psychic, in my case it’s most noticeable in work-related matters, but as a mother it manifested in the uncanny ability to ‘know’ where and when to look for problems, leaving my child to (I assume), feel like she was under microscopic observation.

I’m no genius but certain things fit together like a puzzle for me. It also allows me to trust people, if my other psychic skills don’t come to life around people then this additional radar usually confirms that I can trust them, and when someone is untrustworthy, the questions or summations I follow up which usually alerts them to the fact that they’ve been caught out. I would liken this ability to intonation in speech, and perhaps it’s easier to detect when voice is involved, but this is not always the case, especially when it comes to looking at complicated blueprints, reading, listening to recordings, watching videos or finding direction in unfamiliar locations.

How I use it in Psychic Readings:

Claircognizance, like most psychic abilities, depends on letting go of the manipulative faculties of our own intellect and senses. It’s a matter of opening oneself up to receiving wisdom, rather than trying to think with the conscious mind. This happens best in peaceful surroundings. It’s not something one can decide to use or do, it’s more like opening a window to allow it to enter at its own free will. Sometimes it does and sometimes not. Simulate it to asking the wind to blow in a certain direction at a predetermined speed. As a psychic reader I’m just grateful when it arrives.

- Clairsentience, the ability to sense vibes on meeting people, going into spaces or touching items (also known as psychometry). For me there is a fine line between this gift and Clair empathy (being an empath), which is sometimes difficult to define because they often spring into action at the same time.

I once worked with a person who loved what he called ‘post-mortems’, discussing issues after the event. All the ‘what ifs,’ ‘if onlys’ and ‘just says’ irritated me endlessly because I already knew what had happened and couldn’t find even one reason to live through the trauma again, especially being an empath and actually having felt it.

How I use it in Psychic Readings:

My surroundings matter, I need to be comfortable and in tune with them. I can’t, for example, go and sit at a restaurant or the local library during load-shedding and do readings. No matter how quiet the space is, it always feels like there’re strangers watching me, looking over my shoulder, judging what I’m doing. It’s likely that they are, but since I’m not clairvoyant I can’t see them.

Tools I use during Readings:

Apart from my psychic abilities I use eight different Tarot decks (not all at once), numerous spreads, an Oracle deck, the Astrology-based Delphi Dice a Crystal Pendulum and your Soul Print for psychic readings (only during Elite readings). 30 Minute and shorter readings are generally only Tarot readings, although I always refer to my client’s Soul Print.

My academic qualifications and life/work experience add comprehension and deepen the counselling, coaching and teaching faculties needed to guide my clients.

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