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Small business & side-hustle coaching.

You’d be surprised at how much stress a Psychic Coach can relieve you of. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand your dreams and pains, and with a lifetime of experience working in administration and accounting, you’ve found yourself the best of guidance.

Chat with Anne about my affordable - Pay As You Go - services


Life Coaching

The epitome of my slogan:

You Are The Power, Light Up Your life!

A 14-day challenge that takes you through the four pillars of your being, to instil the confidence you need to create a great future for yourself and your loved ones.



Compassionate Psychic Readings by an experienced professional

As an Intuitive Empath with Claircognizant and Clairsentient gifts, I read the Tarot to help and guide my clients through their personal difficulties, career challenges and relationship issues towards happiness and prosperity.

I’ve been hosting The Oracle Room - ONE FREE QUESTION - on Twitter Spaces for Two years. For a quick question, you’re welcome to visit us there on any given Sunday at 11 A.M. (SAST).

You can also connect with Anne to get on WhatsApp to book a Standard or Elite Reading for yourself and/or a friend or loved one. There is also the option of a Full Year Ahead TarotScope, to give you a birds-eye view of what to expect over the next twelve months of your life. My 2022 reviews are available on Google, ask Anne for the link.

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Build Confidence for Marketing

Come and practise your marketing skills with us. You get 60 seconds to do your sales pitch (we won't be too harsh on you though;).


The idea is to learn and practise OR teach us, if you've got experience and great ideas about how someone can improve their pitch, support them with constructive criticism.


Who’s This For?


- Marketing executives

- Entrepreneurs

- Side-hustlers

- Sales executives

- Job seekers (let's practise those interview skills)

- Anyone else trying to sell something.


... are you doing it right, or is there a better, easier way?


Be prepared to get advice, be prepared to laugh, but most of all; be prepared to participate, give tips and learn new techniques that others are using to get their names out there, and close deals or, just have some fun.


Help and Guidance

I’m a qualified Business Coach with a number of years of experience in marketing, so let's talk about where you’re getting stuck; rude clients; procrastination (Ooha, it can be so nerve racking); dealing with disappointment and ushering in motivation and inspiration to take you through the door of your next, potential sale...

Empowering People

My slogan is

“You Are The Power, Light Up Your Life!”

As a Psychic, Life and Business Coach I guide and inspire my clients to do exactly that!


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