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If ONLY life ran smoothly...

Do you ever get the feeling that the moment you set your mind on making changes in your life, everything and everyone seems to set about thwarting your plans?

This course of fourteen mini workshops is your counter-attack!

Grounding is the unsung hero of your sanity. Every meditation session begins with Grounding, every traumatic experience ends with Grounding. If it’s powerful enough for Gurus, Sages and Professionals to turn to so often, then why are we all still so poor of spirit and stressed out in our lives?

Could it be that we’re expected to implement high-level change before we understand why we need it, and how we can manipulate our own basic survival kit, that of controlling our instinctive fight, flight or freeze responses to everyday occurrences in our lives?

So many of our ‘spiritual tutors’ relay the message of how powerful we are, or “if you only knew who you really are you would do amazing things…” and the sentence ends there. Sadly, their superior knowledge, in most cases, passes on with themselves.

It’s almost like expecting a three-year-old to sit a board exam.

Now you can learn the basics that will prevent you from melting down at the most crucial moments in your life! Learn to;

  • Trust yourself and your assessments of your situations in life

  • Gain confidence in your abilities

  • Align your Chakras to keep yourself centred

  • Improve concentration

  • Awaken your personal powers at a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level

  • Know yourself at a deeper level and why you do the things you do, and how to control your EGO

  • Take control of your life as a responsible human, for your own sake, and for your loved ones who depend on your good judgement

  • Re-program your beliefs to benefit you in achieving the lifestyle you desire

  • Deal with other people’s opinions of you

  • Create balance in your relationships

  • Stand your ground in interviews, arguments and other interactions, so that you are taken seriously, and learn to take yourself seriously

  • Acknowledge and appreciate your imagination and allow it to work for you

  • Get in touch with your emotions, positive and negative e.g. jealousy, fawning over others etc.

  • Make yourself proud, and become your own hero!

Why You Should Invest in the Soul-Sync Challenge

  • Grounding is a simple to use, but extremely powerful tool, that can help you change your life’s game plan completely.

  • The Goal is for you to take control of your own life by getting a better understanding of yourself and how you attract joy and stress into your life.

  • Daily sessions, with reminders, encourage you to create an effective routine so that by the end of the course you’re able to notice a difference, and can then set up a more focused regime for yourself to achieve your goals.

  • Learn to start processing to achieve more at a focused but relaxed pace, and claim the happiness you deserve in all areas of your life.

  • If manifesting is on your agenda for 2023, this is the best place to start your journey of commitment to yourself and a better life for you and your loved ones!


We’re more than aware that “life happens…” and you’re encouraged to not give up. If you can’t attend a session, you’ll still get a reminder, which will allow you to either; do the session on your own, or simply fall in with the next session.

The point is to persevere and although we sometimes have to take time out to attend to life, getting back into your routine ASAP is what it’s all about.

Before We Start

What’s on the Agenda

1. Introduction.

2. Topic of the day.

3. How to use the current grounding exercise to your benefit.

4. Practical Grounding Session, if applicable.

5. Q & A + Close

Workshops are held online, you’ll receive the link on the day of the first workshop.

Each session is 15 - 30 minutes long and includes a practical grounding exercise.

How it works.

  • You need to be available for 30 minutes on 14 consecutive days.

  • Mics will open for the Q&A after the Grounding Exercise.

  • Please be punctual, to avoid interruptions in the Workshop.

  • Please note that this is a paid workshop,

  • The link will be shared on the day of the first workshop if your Payment reflects in our PayPal or bank account.

NB: Pay 5 days in advance to save on bank charges or do an INSTANT transfer to prevent delays.


Connect with Anne on the link below for payment details and confirm your booking by forwarding your PoP via WhatsApp.

Any questions, feel free to WhatsApp us on the link below.

We look forward to meeting you there. 🌷

Trust Yourself!

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