Psychic Glympse Gift Card.

What a Wonderful Gift for a Wonderful Mom!

A unique and worthwhile gift for anyone you care about.

The Gift Card comes in a beautiful, virtual, credit card format, sent to your recipient, or forwarded to yourself, to send on to them.

It is for a 1-hour, in depth Psychic reading or coaching consultation, or the next Soul-Sync Challenge.

We will need your and their Name and WhatsApp numbers as well as DOB to issue the card.

We will follow up with them, if they haven’t redeemed their gift after 1, 2 and 3 months. After the 4th month we may recommend that you communicate directly with them, and decide if you will take the reading / consultation yourself, or gift it to someone else.

Please read our Terms and Conditions regarding refunds, which will only come into effect after the 4th month in the event of Gift Cards.

Please contact Anne on the button below for other prices.

April / May Fantabulous Prices

Just for YOU!

Contact Anne for the latest SPECIALS today!

We’re All About Personal Empowerment

You want to live your life on your terms, but what kind of license do you need to get into the driver’s seat?

Maybe you prefer to be chauffeured, but with a touch of influence over the driver.

Book an Elite reading with Cathy today and uncover your personal potential, then start creating the changes you need, to move into your own exclusive realms of magnificence!

It’s all about You!

Your life is a limited edition - only One You!

Each and every day You experience unique aspects of our world in a way that can only be expressed by You!

Uncertainties can cost you dearly, flipping through hours, and sometimes even days, weeks or months of your precious time, as you sink into depressive discontent, or pivot on procrastination, about an issue that’s quite solvable, if only you had some clarity on how your next move could turn out.

A psychic reading cannot tell you what to do, but it can enlighten you as to your options and possible outcomes on any given aspect of your life.

For example; is this the right time for you to invest in that new home, or delve into entrepreneurship, are you on the right career path?

Are you romantically involved or are your expectations unrealistic? My first question to you, regarding romance will be; are you a home-body expecting Mr or Ms right to come knocking on your door, or are you proactive and get out there, in an environment you love to be in, so that you can meet people with the same interests as yourself?

Sometimes, without realizing it, we limit ourselves because what we want seems unobtainable, and we simply don’t know where to find the key to open the door to our own happiness.

We all know someone who seems to “have it all”, we try to emulate them but what makes them happy, doesn’t do the same for us.

You may think you’re like everyone else and spend a lot of time and effort trying to align your expectations with those of the people you mix with every day, but you’re unique, you need to find the keys to your own happiness.

An Elite (60 minute) Psychic Reading will include a look at your Soul Print (your date of birth calculated into a divine matrix to reveal your most powerful characteristics). Happiness is a choice you make for yourself, it depends on your point of view, and when you understand who you are and what it takes to make YOU happy, you’ll be able to focus your efforts on doing that, rather than trying to become someone else.


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