Since Time Began

Spiritual and Psychic abilities have been with us through the ages, yet they’re still as enigmatic in the 21st Century as they were when Eve influenced Adam to take a bite of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, and things haven’t progressed much since.

We’re still grasping at staws in an attempt to quench our thirst for knowledge, and now with the WWW in its hay-day, too many of us are satisfying our curiosity with the equivalent of an unhealthy chocolates, chips and fizzy drink diet. Yet the process of eating a healthy meal isn’t very complicated, from the earth to the mouth through your internal processing unit is very possible, as is a - from subconscious, to conscious into a peaceful lifestyle.

Are we doing it all wrong, and if so, how can we make it right?

Only you can decide on the first part of that question, because all your answers live within you.

As for the second part, we can only suggest taking responsibility


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We’ve all been blessed with some form of Spiritual Gift, our Intuition (or gut-feel) is one but there are many more. Listed below are the most well-known ones. If you experience something different, you’re welcome to contact me HERE to see if I can help you identify it.

Astral Travel / Astral Projection

Have you ever done something or gone somewhere and suddenly you know you’ve done it or been there before, to the extent that you actually feel familiar with the event or place, like you actually know what’s going to happen next, or you know the layout of the place, yet you’ve never been there nor done that before?

This is a form of OBE (Out of Body Experience) commonly known as Astral Travel or Astral Projection, which you’re probably unaware of until the incident actually happens.

Can it be developed?

Yes, it can be induced but strict protocols should be followed and it shouldn’t be done alone, because there is something called Astral Whiplash which has to be avoided at all cost.

How can it benefit you?

It’s mostly used by Spiritualists to explore the Astral planes but it’s said to be used by some military forces and big companies in the form of RV (Remote Viewing) to spy on the opposition.


If you’ve had an experience of talking, especially in another person’s voice (your physical voice but in another person’s context (the way they spoke)) it’s possible that you were channelling a spirit.

Can it be developed?

If you resonate with this Gift it’s best to plan for initiation or visit your local Spiritualist Church to get proper guidance on how to develop it.

How can it benefit you?

Channelling can happen spontaneously in rare instances, and is mostly used by experienced Sangomas to connect with people’s ancestors and Spiritualist in a seance environment.


The two most evident Clair-senses are Clairaudience and Clairvoyance, however some sources claim that there are many more, we’re going to look at them under Intuition, because they make more sense to me there.

Clairaudience / Clairaudient

The ability to hear sounds or voices that others can’t hear. Some animals, like dogs, have a much keener sense of hearing and smell than the average human. It might even be possible that you hear sounds from inanimate objects like buildings, trees or metals.

If you can hear things, often inside your head - so, not in the normal sense of hearing but sometimes it can be from outside of you, then you’re very possibly Clairaudient.

Can it be developed?

It can be developed, even if you don’t hear anything at the moment.

How can it benefit you?

Communicating with your ancestors directly could be a direct benefit. You could also help others by connecting with their ancestors for them, and if you expand on this gift you can use it in a number of ways to create a side-hustle for yourself, if authorized by your guides.

Clairvoyance / Clairvoyant

Do you see spirits or things that others can’t see? You may even be able to see into someone’s past, future or deeper into their psyche, for example if they’re telling a lie and why, you may even experience their fear or anticipation.

It’s not always the case but most Clairvoyants have a number of Gifts and Clairaudience is often one of them. It’s also most closely related to what is known as our pineal gland or 3rd Eye.

Many children have imaginary friends or can see and communicate, or even get entertained by their ancestors. Most of us grow out of it, because our energies are dissipated by the material world and all we have to learn and participate in from a young age.

Can it be developed?

There are exercises that can be done on a consistent basis that will help to “re-activate” your clairvoyance, it’s best to follow a recommended diet as well though,

How can it benefit you?

Clairvoyance is possibly the most desired Spiritual / Psychic Gift, imagine being able to communicate with a passed loved one… However it can also be the most frightening when unsavoury entities show up. It’s a good idea to work with a trusted, experienced person to ensure that you are aware of the consequences that you might encounter during your awakening.

Psychic protection will definitely be necessary, and we’ll cover it in the near future.

Claircognizance / Claircognizant (also: Clairgnosis or Gnosis)

I often feel like people who are extremely talented at something like playing a musical instrument, writing code, doing business and making a great deal of money are Claircognizant.

This Gift can pop into your life at any time, it’s when you simply know!

It’s much more than your intuition it’s more like a download of information, like you know how a system works even if it’s quite intricate you can feel your way around it and get to grips with it, even if you’ve never even known about it before. This does not mean that you know everything, but that you’re able to grasp the concepts and learn quickly.

This is more than an inherited talent and it doesn’t need years of experience, it’s more like an innate understanding - a knowing.

Can it be developed?

This is an either you have it or you don’t Gift. It can manifest within you at any time, especially if you’re under pressure to do something you don’t understand.

How can it benefit you?

Moving ahead quickly in the area of your Gift, this can be at work or in any interest you may have.

Intuition / Intuitive

It can be difficult to separate intuition from instinct, except that intuition is based on feeling and instinct more on action or reaction. Intuition is involved in most Spiritual / Psychic Gifts and in our daily lives. On its own we know it as a gut-feel.

Many of the Clair-senses are triggered by our intuition, we’ll cover them here;

Can it be developed?

Yes, it’s a matter of self-trust and consistent effort that will help you develop your Intuition.

How can it benefit you?

In every aspect of your life including; love, relationships, work, finance, confidence and even in your self-talk.

Empath / Clairempath (clear emotional feeling)

An Empath is a sensitive soul and picks up on other people’s feelings of distress. If you find friends, family or even strangers telling you their troubles it’s probably because they’ve sensed your depth of understanding, as an Empath you act as a sponge to absorb their pain and suffering, leaving you with their burdens whilst they go on their way feeling way better for having dumped their baggage.

It’s imperative for Empaths to stay grounded (get our Grounding Tools HERE).

Can it be developed?

Possibly the least desirable Gift. The focus of an Empath is self-protection more than a desire to develop the Gift. Learning to manage it is a better option.

How can it benefit you?

This is more of a responsibility than a welcome Gift, however, once acknowledged the Empath will generally feel free to claim their right to and enjoy a lot of ‘me time’. Helping and guiding others can also lead to extra earnings and personal satisfaction.

Clairsentience / Clairsentient

The Clair-senses are stronger than your Intuition and many overlap so it’s not always easy to decide which one you’re dealing with.

A Clairsentient senses emotions from people, For example you might meet someone and instantly feel the hair standing up on the back of your neck or feel the need to hug them because they’ve been through a traumatic experience, which you know nothing about but you sense their pain.

Can it be developed?

Practise makes perfect and if you’re committed it’s possible to develop this Gift.

How can it benefit you?

Learning the Tarot and exercising your Intuition regularly can go towards supplementing your income with this Gift. You can also combine it with any other Gifts you have to help others and earn extra.

Clairtangency / Psychometry - Clear touching

The ability to receive information about people places and things through touch.You may feel uneasy when you walk into a building and if you were to touch something that’s been there a long time, say a tap, you’d probably get all kinds of sensations flowing into you, say pain from a murder that took place there. You might even feel the pain the victim experienced and maybe even understand what and why things happened, or you might feel the presence of one of the parties involved in the incident.

The practice of Clairtangency is called Psychometry, the reader will usually ask for something that you wear close to your skin, like your watch or a chain and will divine from that object.

Can it be developed?

Yes, you can also learn the Tarot and use it together with Psychometry.

How can it benefit you?

Learning the Tarot and practising Psychometry can substitute your income. You can also combine it with any other Gifts you have to help others and earn extra.

Clairalience (clear smelling)

The Gift of Clairalience comes to life when you smell a fragrance, for example that one of your ancestors wore and you know they are near. You can talk to them and know they’re listening. Ask questions and mention signs that they could cope with to give an answer. Obviously you have to word your question in the Yes/No format.

Can it be developed?

There are exercises that can be done regularly to strengthen this Gift.

How can it benefit you?

Possibly working with perfumes, like creating fragrances with essential oils will benefit you and if they’re great you can even create an income from them.

Clairgustance / Clear tasting)

Do you ever get an extrasensory taste in your mouth? You may have the Gift of Clairgustance. For instance you might taste your ancestor’s favorite food when they are with you.

Can it be developed?

Paying attention and inviting your ancestors to communicate with you through specific tastes can stimulate the progress of this Gift.

How can it benefit you?

Combining it with any of your other Gifts may have a beneficial outcome. Alternatively becoming a wine connoisseur or barista may whet your enthusiasm.

Medium / Mediumship

Mediums receive information in various formats and usually from a young age, but again, it can happen to you at any time. Mediums usually have more than one Spiritual / Psychic Gift such as; Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience etc.

As the name suggests, these people become a medium for the interpretation of messages between the Spirit world and our physical world, similar to a Channeller.

Can it be developed?

Mediumship is either a have or have not ability. If you have the requisite Gifts you qualify but have to exercise your gifts on a regular basis.

How can it benefit you?

Many Mediums work with the police to solve cases, they are also able to connect with your ancestors and do detailed readings for people, as all Psychics do. There are however many who call themselves Mediums but don’t quite understand the responsibility that goes with this Gift.


That feeling most of us get before an accident happens. Precognition is an extension of Intuition but can be untimely, meaning that it might arrive just before an even happens, leaving you little or no time to prevent the incident.

Can it be developed?

You can practice on every day events in your life to try and develop your precognition, but you may be more successful if you developed one of your other Gifts.

How can it benefit you?

In my understanding Precognition is more of an instinctual ability than an Intuitive one. Preventing traumatic events will be a huge benefit if you can zone in on it.

Magician / Witch

Let’s talk about a true Witch and genuine Magician because there are many fakes and plenty of entertainers who claim this title.

True Witches and Magicians practices magick and for them it’s a way of life, they’re extremely dedicated to their craft. Many are Gifted but others learn their skills.

Can they be dangerous?

We can all be dangerous under the right conditions, and most of all when we’re ignorant.

Can it be developed?

Absolutely, but it’s a way of life.

How can it benefit you?

If you believe you can dedicate your life to total commitment to your trade then this can be an extremely satisfying lifestyle. Not really recommended for socialites or people’s persons.


A very general term used for anyone who uses their Spiritual Gifts, usually to earn a living or practise as a side-hustle. Some refer to themselves as Psychic Mediums, I refer to myself as a Psychic Coach and people with many Gifts often refer to themselves simply as Psychics.

Can it be developed?

Yes, even if you only use your Intuition, you can learn to read the Tarot or Oracle cards and begin your journey there.

How can it benefit you?

Apart from the financial aspect, which is not much to begin with, the satisfaction you get from helping others is an absolute high on its own.


A traditional healer, mostly linked to the Hindi culture. Like the Magician, becoming a Shaman is a way of life that is associated with Spiritual and healing practices.

Can it be developed?

Yes, if you’re willing to adopt the way of life.

How can it benefit you?

As with the Magician, the satisfaction is derived from learning and practising the craft and being of service to others.

Traditional Healers - In South Africa

Sangoma: A Gifted Psychic with various skills including divination

Inyanga: A Gifted Healer

Both are Spiritually connected and can perform various services according to their abilities.

Can it be developed?

Yes, but it’s usually a calling and if you suspect that you have a Spiritual calling then it’s wise to consult with a practising Sangoma or Inyanga in your tribe who will guide you as to the the training you need to proceed. Usually an initiation.

How can it benefit you?

Once again, this is a way of life. You can start off part time but if you’re serious about what your ancestors want for you, it becomes a way of life which is always satisfying.

Looking for guidance on how to develop your gifts?

Book a 15-minute consultation with me today and start heading in the right direction for you.

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