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Plan your next 12 months more effectively.

Your Personal TarotScope is created only for you! It gives you insight into highlights (or challenges) due to pop up during the year. Meaning that you can plan ahead to avoid dramatic financial setbacks, take better advantage of career prospects or discover if there’s a new job on the horizon. Prepare yourself for a possible new love in your life, or find out when the best time will be to make bookings for that well deserved holiday...


Finding new avenues to bring money in has you putting yourself out there, in new places and spaces, communicating with like-minded people who support your cause. This is your month Aries and it’s time to acknowledge that most of your challenges arise in your own creative mind! Let them go, ground yourself to regain confidence. All will be well.


Lessons are being learnt on a daily basis by all of us and in April you’re more aware of this than usual. Consider focusing on taking action, rather than simply learning more theory, it could take you to a place where you’re able to leave the past behind and move on to greener pastures.


There’s an aura of Deja vu hanging in your corner of the globe this month. Take the opportunity to communicate with people from the past, what you share and learn is destined to awaken your senses to a different way of seeing and doing things.


You may not be feeling on top of the world but sometimes a bit of adventure can help turn things around. It’s no time to take a risk but something that opens you up to a greater understanding, and provides a little intrigue, will go a long way towards lightening your spirit.


The next leg of your current endeavour is ready to take off, and you’ve got the power to boost it past your original expectations. But I’ve gone too far! Arrogance is not a good stand-in for excellence. Brace yourself and, no matter how smoothly you get things to run, stay humble… Leo!


You may be feeling a little flustered and confused. It seems that your expectations are not getting met, which leads you to wonder what you’ve done to encourage such havoc to befall you. So, the good news is; nothing! Pull out your deck-chair and wait, the tide is busy turning.


Libra is all about partnerships, family and love, of course! Your hopes and dreams are high because you base your expectations on past experience. In April you’re on the right track - whatever worked before, will work for you again. Sharpen that charm, somebody needs it!


Although you’re feeling bush-whacked, you’re in the middle of a situation that doesn’t have an interval, and you’re the one person who holds the master-key to progress. Do yourself one favour, don’t take on one more thing, you schedule is full!


Congratulations! You should be proud of the progress you’ve made and the way you’re handling your responsibilities. You’re still on the right path but one little adjustment will go a long way towards achieving that smooth finish you’re after. A show of appreciation for those who’ve supported you this far will be extremely welcome.


You had a major decision to make in March, and you’ve done it! So now it’s leading to a whole load of responsibility and committed effort. Just the way Capricorns like life to be. Your dedication is supported by someone special in your life, who provides the inspiration you need to keep moving forward. Follow your intuition, it’s magical in April.


You know you’ve got your own personal strain of the Midas Touch. It gives you powers that others admire. The only caution here is that once you allow yourself to really punch in the effort to start using your magic, it’s easy to become a little… arrogant? Mind you don’t trip yourself up.


So, in March you were doing so well, what’s happened? Sometimes the “good times” are not actually very good for us at all, they can make us lethargic and we fail to keep our eyes on the ball. A re-commitment is needed now in April. Don’t give up, move it up!

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